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Our t-shirts use 100% cotton

Cotton is a type of fabric that is often used by many people because of its comfort and is considered to have good sweat absorption. Cotton is often one of the popular choices for clothing, especially t-shirts.

Cotton is a material made of cotton fiber which is processed into yarn. The threads are finally used to be arranged into fabrics that are ready to be used. Cotton is one of the most common natural materials used in clothing and it is proven that cotton is the most widely produced type of fabric in the world. For example, in India, which produced up to 6,423,000 metric tons of cotton cloth in 2019, followed by China 5,933,000 metric tons and America 4,336,000 metric tons.

Cotton plants themselves are grown in many countries, for example in India, China, the United States, Brazil and Pakistan where these countries are the largest cotton producers in the world.

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